Phillip Kent Knight

Tinkering with technology and trying to make a difference.

I’ve worked on campaigns ranging from municipal boards to United States Senate, and with organizations from small student groups to the largest LGBT nonprofit in the world. Every professional role I’ve had has been different, but my ambition and determination have always been the same: I’m motivated by moving the needle- seeing measurable change in an often troubling world.

I help campaigns and nonprofit organizations build and manage digital tools, with a focus on connecting people with their representatives. My past experience includes front-line field organizing, traditional communications, digital strategy, and a lifetime of nerding out with technology.


Animated gif, Phil bowls a strike and dances shamelessly

Languages & Frameworks I've interacted with

  • Javascript
  • Vue.js
  • Gridsome
  • Liquid Markup
  • Python
  • php
  • Django Template Language
  • Bootstrap
  • Foundation

Platforms & APIs I know

  • ActionKit
  • NationBuilder
  • EveryAction
  • New/Mode
  • Phone2Action
  • WordPress
  • Joomla!
  • CiviCRM
  • Google Analytics

Campaigns & Issues I've worked on

  • US Senate
  • State Legislatures
  • Municipal & Local
  • Grassroots & Grasstops
  • Gender Equality
  • Global Poverty
  • International Development

Notable Accomplishments

  • Built first known single-page NationBuilder site.
  • Bartered with Union bosses for phone bank time.
  • Sent four elected officials door-knocking when OFA absorbed entire volunteer pool.
  • Was once contracted with express instructions to annoy a US Senator.
  • Successfully explained "The Cloud" to an entire marketing department.

Non-professional points of interest

  • 1 Kickball win
  • 1 Bowling win
  • Once made the best chocolate cake ever
  • Semi-successful Semi-organic Gardener
  • Rode 545 miles on a bicycle in 7 days
  • Licensed General Class Amateur Radio Operator