^1000My name is Phillip Kent Knight.^1000...

I love playing with technology, and I'm passionate about making the world a better place.

I'm a skilled communicator with a knack for technology and the latest digital tools.

I speak and translate fluently between creatives, techies, and managers.

My name is Phillip Kent Knight, and I'm a tech geek.

Technology and changing the world are the only things that truly hold my attention.

I’ve worked on campaigns ranging from municipal boards to United States Senate, and with organizations from student groups to the largest LGBT nonprofit in the world. Every professional role I’ve had has been different, but my ambition and determination have always been the same: I’m motivated by moving the needle- seeing measurable change in a sometimes troubling world.

I enjoy helping progressive leaders and nonprofit organizations build effective strategies, systems, and presence on the web. My past experience includes traditional communications, digital strategy, front-line field organizing, and nerding out with technology.

When I’m not building, strategizing, or learning about new technologies, I can be found out-and-about exploring history as a new resident of D.C., baking cookies, or possibly just binge-watching TV with my partner and our cat.

Let's get in touch

I'm always looking for new opportunities and challenges. Want to work with me, ask a question, or meet me for coffee? Send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.